Birds in the garden

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Last week, my colleague saw an injured horn owl in the garden.

We looked for it, however already dead when we found.

He said there are also other owls, so I’m going to set up a tent in the garden and wait in hiding to take photos of them if it becomes warmer.


_P146892 (1)


By the way, in Jordan, there are many kinds of birds.

And various migratory birds also go through in this country.

I would like to introduce one of them.


Palestine Sunbird, the top image of this article, is seen in the garden at this time.

—Small bird often mistaken for a hummingbird (which does not exist in Europe, the Middle East or Asia) as it hovers to feed on flower nectar with long, thin, down curved bill. Male glossy black with striking electric blue-green sheen in the sun. Female grey brown above and paler below. Flight fast and agile.(Petra National Trust, Field Guide to the Plants and Animals of petra, 2006, p.144)



His vivid green plumage is very beautiful.


I wonder what I can see tomorrow!

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